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  • Easy to Setup
  • Offline Mode Support
  • Everything stored on the Cloud
  • Easy to Adapt to Your Business

Awesome Features

Moola offers a wide range of features Beautifully Designed with Great Functionality.


A complete list of all the items for sale is in your hand with all the information your staff needs to close the deal. The inventory is constantly updated including items in stock, on order, reserved for a customer, location, prices, specials, attachments, pictures, specs ...


Your customers can use the app to see what you have for sale and any detail on each item you want them to see. Even customers that do not use the app still can scan a QR tag on any item and see the information you want them to see. Moola sells products for you 24X7


Moola keeps track of your valuable inventory, it knows where it is and saves time and money when you count it. Moola analyzes your stock giving you up to the minute reporting of critical metrics


Moola keeps track of inventory after the sale allowing customers to schedule maintenance and track costs. Customers can monitor and manage the relationship with your store on their smartphone or pad.

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Awesome Services

Moola provides great service and support, keeping your data safe and secure and your business simpler

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Unbelievable Pricing

Simple and affordable, billed only for Cloud services


  • Each staff member that you allow to attach their personal device to your data costs you $20 per month. You can activate or inactivate staff from the app and billing will be adjusted automatically.


  • Customers can download and use the app for free. When they register with your company, you pay only 25 cents per month per registered customer. Cheaper than a postage stamp and continuous access for advertising.

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